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We are here to share with you a strong presence when it comes to all of your real estate legal matters. Stay informed from start

to finish.


We will take care of your real estate situation

Buying, selling, or going through any other real estate deal can easily become a rather confusing situation. Don't get swallowed up in all of the legal details. Our experienced attorney, Thomas F. Cannavino, is standing by, to assist you.


• Residential and commercial real estate

• Real estate purchases, sales, and refinances

• Landlord — tenant disputes

• Leases and zoning issues

• Condominium and homeowner association issues

Handling your paperwork

While you are working hard to keep your family happy, your finances in order, and the rest of your life functioning smoothly, let some of your burden fall on us. We will do everything we can to keep your most important interests in the forefront while remaining focused on the end.

Keeping your best interests in mind

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